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Food Hackathon 2020

Be a Hacker and Affect the Food Industry!

Food Hackathon 2020 is a fun innovation competition that consists of tough challenges and will take place during the Food Fair in Växjö.

As a participant, you and your team are assigned a case with problem formulations from companies and organizations looking for solutions to a challenge related to food waste. This is a unique opportunity to generate innovative and creative ideas in 24 hours with opportunity for development. Your role as a participant can have a major impact on the future of the food industry, and as this year’s theme is food waste, this is also an excellent opportunity to influence in the area of ​​sustainability.

A team may consist of one to five people, but you only register yourself and then get paired with others to a group.

Day 1 (September 11)
– The team gets all the information they need for the competition days, get to know their team members, rules, and more.
– Official opening of the Food Hackathon, presentation of the jury and the organizations involved, and presentation of the case with the problem formulations to be solved.

The teams have the opportunity to continue working with the case all night if they want, but we recommend that you sleep a little too.

Day 2 (September 12)
– The teams continue with the case.
– The final presentation of the teams’ idea/solution.
– Award ceremony.

In this podcast episode, you get to know more about the fun innovation competition Food Hackathon Mat 2020 in Växjö.
In this podcast episode, you will take part in recordings that were made on-site during the competition. You i.a. get to meet the organizers and the winning team for this year’s edition of Food Hackathon!

We would like to thank you all who participated in Food Hackathon MAT 2020 and say CONGRATULATIONS to this year´s winners!
We are already looking for companies and organizations who want to finance next year’s Food Hackathon so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be a big part of this amazing event!


Datum 11th-12th of September

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